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Here at True Solutions Health, we provide individuals with the means to overcome drug and alcohol dependency. We do this by offering both a medical approach to withdrawal management and outpatient treatment. By offering these methods of treatment, we hope to help individuals affected by both drug and alcohol dependence establish new, healthier lifestyles. And, a life of wellbeing and recovery.

True Solutions Health is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we feel there is a decrease in help available for individuals in need. By offering help in this area, individuals within the surrounding communities may find they have a safe and secure place to get the effective treatment they need. By making help more available to individuals in their local area, more individuals find they have the means necessary to begin their journey of healing.

Our Staff

Daniel Smeester, MD

Daniel Smeester, MD

Position Here

Dr. Smeester, after being named Chief Resident in Emergency Medicine for New York Medical College in New York City, came to California to continue his hospital-based career. It becomes more and more evident that an epidemic was developing, and in 2013 he developed a program that was not known to be available prior- treatment of a life-threatening medical problem: addiction and dependence. Board certified in both Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine allows for the most optimal, most comfortable, and the safest RESEARCH-BASED treatment of Substance Use Disorder.

Kelli A Lavery–Maurer

Kelli A Lavery–Maurer

Medical Director

Kelli obtained her graduate degree from Arizona State University as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in 2006, and her undergraduate study at Grand Canyon University, she has been in the medical field for x 30 years. Her true passion and calling lay in Substance Use disorder/Addiction medicine & Co-Occurring disorders. Because of her own personal experience within her family, she has developed a deep compassion for those suffering from the disease of addiction as well as a passion to treat and help the individual to obtain recovery realizing each individual is unique and her approach is to meet them where they are at any given time. She is especially gifted with a unique way of empathizing with the person as a whole and looking beyond the disease itself in order to treat the whole person. She believes that every individual should be given every opportunity to recover and become the absolute best version of themselves. She is Certified and holds her X waiver in MAT (mediation assisted treatment). She is designated as State Chapter Co-Chair for Addiction Policy Forum. Currently, she is attending Rocky Mountain University in pursuit of her Post Masters Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. In her free time, Kelli enjoys time with her family, friends, faith and the outdoors, cycling, hiking or running.

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