Q1. If I call True Solutions Health, what can I expect?

First, expect to be treated with dignity and respect. Addiction is not a crime. Rather, it is a medical condition that must be first evaluated by a trained professional. You will be connected with a Certified Addiction Counselor who will give you a basic screening, and afterward recommend a personalized treatment program.

Q2. How long does treatment take?

True Solutions Health is a licensed Intensive Outpatient Treatment Clinic. While treatment plans vary, most of our patients meet for group or individual therapy three times per week for a period of 12 weeks.

Q3. What if my employer finds out I am in a program for addiction?

At True Solutions Health, your privacy is of the highest importance to us. Confidentiality is maintained at every level of treatment, from your initial consultation, throughout your treatment, and after treatment has been completed.

Q4. Where do the groups meet?

The True Solutions Health is located in Scottsdale at 7331 E. Osborn Road, Suite 410. The location is directly south and across the street from Scottsdale Hospital Honor Health. True Solutions has a warm, inviting environment and is a place where patients can feel relaxed and safe as they embark on their journey back to wellness.

Q5. How much does treatment cost?

True Solutions Health has a simple fee schedule and is covered by most health insurance, although there can often be a portion for which the patient is responsible. We are dedicated to serving and helping as many people in the community as we possibly can. For that reason, we offer payment plans for those who might need them. Details on financial obligations and methods of payment are discussed with patients once they have been given a customized treatment plan best suited for their situation.

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